About Staka

Staka offers a combination of high product quality, excellent service and competitive pricing.

Staka has been translating its customers’ requirements into high-quality stainless steel products since 1958, always in an ambitious, distinctive, and above all customer-focused manner. With a strong focus on quality and reliability, Staka has built up a loyal clientèle over the years. Our customers are active in a great variety of branches. By further extending knowledge and insight all the time, we are able to offer innovative and practical solutions that fully satisfy changing needs.

At Staka, we believe in the power of innovation and we constantly focus on improving every aspect of our product. We have high-quality production facilities, so we are able to deliver a constantly high quality at competitive prices. Staka employs professionals who have a passion for their work. The team comprises a strong mix of young and old, whereby years of experience are combined with new insights.